Storytime – Kinkos Employee & the Copy Machine

Listening to: 100 Years by Five for Fighting

I just came back from Kinko’s after making 184 copies. Mind you, I hate going into places that involve copying and using machines. Yet, I hate social situations that involve me asking people how do I go about this. It’s slightly unrefreshing to think how many stupid people in the world there are that are currently employed. Yet, I manage to encounter them all which leads me to think there are more than a few in the world.

Let me give you the scenerio. I walk into kinkos’ I spy the machines then go to approach the counters to ask do I pay now or after? The lad then tells me we can’t make book copies. I think why the hell not? and don’t tell me it’s copyright laws because there are plenty of people in the world who make copies of books. She then tells me I can do it, as long as I don’t go broadcasting it, but I have to purchase a card to do so.

fake blonde employee: how many copies?
me: 180….
fake blonde employee: that’ll be $17.00…
meeyes employee strangely are you sure? that’s sorta alot of money…
fake blonde employee: do you want to or no?
mecaves in and forks over money to copy art history book
fake blonde employee then hands rinky dink copy card.

I then proceed to make copies after two copies the machine runs out of paper. The same fake blonde then goes to help me. and proceeds to tell me that the copies that are 11 x 17 cost more. and I’m think DUH! well, it’s saving me money I mean you can never go wrong with 2 copies per page. In the end, I manage to make the copies and I take the card out. And guess what, even with a computer telling her how many copies I was going to make. it wasn’t gonna cost me $17.00 more like $8.64. So now give or take I have $7-8 bucks on a rinky dink card that I can’t convert to cash.

Lovely, right?