So, about a month ago I posted a video complaining about how my CD player in my car just wouldn’t eject my CD. The only reason I was adamant about ejecting said CD is because I had created a new mixed CD. And sadly, my CD Player decided to raise it’s hands in the air and totally act like it didn’t care. I was really bummed out mainly because I had created a mix CD with songs viewers had suggested to me. I love hearing new tunes so imagine my disappointment. I thought I’d be able to cure this by the time my birthday rolled around. Except, life had different plans for me in the car department and with all the car troubles I think the universe misheard me on my birthday and thought I wanted a radiator but I couldn’t of sworn I wrote/told the birthday gods I wanted a radio. I guess it all got jumbled and lost in translation?

Needless to say after a month of listening to the radio, and no awesome mix CDs. It’s been hell on wheels that is until this past weekend when I happen to be wandering around a store and they had a sale on MP3 FM Transmitters, for $3. While at the time, I’m pretty sure I was gambling with three dollars considering it wasn’t name brand, little did I know if it worked and the box had dust caked on. Let me say it’s been the best three dollars I’ve ever spent on an electronic device.

While, an FM Transmitter for my phone would of been ideal it’s not practical in real world settings, wanting to listen to music versus taking a call? This is not a debate I like to have and music wins out 9 times out of 10, plus airplane mode works wonders too. But I’ve already been down that road before and and the quality of audio has always been atrocious. What I loved most bout this FM transmitter is it’s not device specific, it’s either a memory stick, MicroSD Card or MultiMediaCard. I love how the only working part I need to worry about is powering on the device and tuning my radio to that dial. It eliminates me having to remember to charge my device, it’s just a matter of plugging, playing and going. How awesome is that?

I love simple elegant solutions to big ol’ problems especially ones beyond your control especially when you don’t have the funds. I think this is a simple solution to someone who may not be able to afford a new radio right away and wants to still be able to listen to some new tunes without having to succumb to the evils that is radio.

If you were interested in the product itself, the one I have isn’t name brand. But I did find some products that were similar to mine in appearance off of amazon down below.*

Mp3 Wireless Fm Transmitter with Sd Card and USB Jump Drive Slot Black*

Amzdeal Car Kit MP3 Player Wireless FM Transmitter Modulator with USB/SD/Card Reader MMC Slot and Remote Control*

*Please note, I’ve not tried these products but they look/behave similar to the device I currently have. The product I have has no visible markings/logos to indicate the brand, making it difficult to share with you guys. The price-range is similar to what I paid in store.