Favorite Songs Lately – Truth by Alexander

Favorite Songs Lately, what is it? If I had to articulate it…it’s a song or list of songs that rip the words right out of your mouth. They make you feel alive, they push you forward when nothing else does. I wanted to dedicate a section of my blog to these songs that power me through the dead of night, that make me feel alive as I sit behind a computer screen typing up code with no end in sight. But mostly, I thought others might find these songs of interest or useful in your quest of working forever alone, dealing with life and plowing through your workload.

I found out about Alexander because I recognized the lead singer, Alex Ebert from the indie folk band, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. While I didn’t realize it was him until I heard the song, Truth along with watching the music video which features Jade Castrinos from ESMZ. I fell in love with the song  Truth because it had this eerie haunting vibe that resonated with ones feelings of being alone. I love the basic theme of the song which is having faith in yourself that things are going to get better and you too shall persevere or at least that’s the vibe I get when I listen to this song. The album was originally released in 2011, but I didn’t discover it till 2014 which I believe is my favorite thing about music, the ability to discover something past it’s prime of popularity it’s almost like digging through a time capsule only without the smell or worry that something might be crawling around.

So, tell me what’s your favorite songs lately?

Truth by Alexander

“…I’ll tell you ’bout a secret I’ve been underminding
Every little lie in this world come from dividing
Say you’re my lover, say you’re my homie,
Tilt my chin back slit my throat take a bath in my blood get to know me
All out of my secrets
All my enemies are turning into my teachers…”

-Truth by Alexander