Favorite Songs Lately, what is it? If I had to articulate it…it’s a song or list of songs that rip the words right out of your mouth. They make you feel alive, they push you forward when nothing else does. I wanted to dedicate a section of my blog to these songs that power me through the dead of night, that make me feel alive as I sit behind a computer screen typing up code with no end in sight. But mostly, I thought others might find these songs of interest or useful in your quest of working forever alone, dealing with life and plowing through your workload.

Sage Francis is an all time favorite of mine, whether it’s new or old. His new album, Copper Gone, has been playing on repeat since it came out last June (2014) and it hasn’t lost it’s beautiful glorious spark of getting me through those hellish times when I feel like there’s no end in sight. The beats and the lyrics flow hand in hand plus getting to see all of his songs turn into music videos these last couple of months has been a dream come true based on all the visuals I had in my mind. Sage Francis does not disappoint, while it’s hard to pick out my absolutely favorite… my favorite song as of lately has been, The Place She Feared Most. What’s your favorite songs lately?

Favorite Songs Lately – The Places She Feared the Most by Sage Francis

“…Don’t want a long disclaimer as a preference to your short story
Don’t wanna sum up in one sentence why your sort bores me
In fact, one more word out of you and the girl gets it
You’re so bossy in a world that has no work ethic
So let’s shake to that, don’t wanna give you dap
Or figure out whatever hand dance you’re bringing back
For I am not a tween, don’t wanna talk with memes
Or let the internet infiltrate all my dreams
So what do I want? Want now?
To exercise my right to be hostile and drop trou
Hey, you, get off that cloud
You don’t know what that technology allows
I don’t wanna wait it out, don’t wanna be more patient
Don’t want a bank account charging me for paper statements
Don’t want no ancient astrology stopping me
From boarding the spaceship once it gets to our colony cause
All I ever wanted was space…”

-The Place She Feared Most by Sage Francis