Hip Hop culture and Religion, do they intersect? What is religion? What is Hip-Hop? Are they the same thing? Do they overlap? I had always questioned this idea especially growing up in South Florida, being exposed to so many different cultures, religions along with hip hop. Of course, I found a love for this genre of music, which has always spoken to my soul. I had never really thought about how religion as well as hip hop intersect, or if they even did. I had always just felt a strong tug on my heartstrings when it came to the music itself, but had always attributed it to the music.  I really never once considered the possibility that hip hop culture together with religion intersected or were intertwined with one another.

So call me surprised, as I drove to work in rush hour while listening to 99 Jams with Headcrack talking to…I do not recall whether it was Bun B or Dr. Pinn, but they were talking about religion in conjunction with hip hop, lets just say the conversation drew me in. The more I listened the more the idea intrigued me, that religion along with hip hop were intertwined in some manner. When I heard it was a course to be taught, not just a conversation. My mind was blown away, so I had to share the wealth.

Mind you… I’ve known about this course since February. It’s been killing me inside waiting even with only a few days till it starts on March 24th, I’m still as stoked as the day I heard about it. Why? You might be asking yourself, mostly because courses, whether online classes or MOOCs  they still tend to lean towards the traditional side of teaching along with traditional subject matter. While I’ve found some really engaging online courses, it’s absolutely refreshing to see a course being offered in something relevant to today, instead of another course talking about the History of Rock ‘n Roll. I look forward to seeing what this class has to offer as a consequence I may share my thoughts along the way. If you’re interested below you find a synopsis on the course along with ways to sign up or share it with others.


RELI157X Hip Hop Culture and Religion Course

Below you will find a overview of what they plan to cover:

As this course unfolds, we’ll look closely into the relationship between Hip Hop culture along with religion. We will explore the ways in which Hip Hop culture discusses as well as provides life meaning in complex ways through  (1) a discussion of the history as well as content of rap music; (2) an examination of religion in rap music; (3) an exploration of the religious sensibilities of rap artists;  together with (4) a discussion of the implications of the connection between rap & religion.

Hip Hop Culture and Religion is being offered free online through EdX starting March 24th, to register click here.  You read that correctly, FREE with the exception of those who would like to pursue a verified certificate on the course for a small fee. This course is being offered by EdX, which offers interactive online classes along with MOOCs from the world’s best universities, colleges including organizations.

Get the word out!

If interested in getting the word out: https://www.facebook.com/reli157x

 If interested in signing up for the course: https://www.edx.org/course/religion-hip-hop-culture-ricex-reli157x#.VQhvHtLF_h5