I’m a huge lover of technology. I absolutely love having a smartphone. Granted I’ve jumped around from Android to Apple now back to Android. But despite these changes my love for apps and learning has never changed. Yesterday, I did a video on my YouTube channel because I could not contain my nerdy excitement after reading an email from Duolingo, which has been the app of my greatest obsession as of lately. It’s a really great app and website which allows you to learn a language through images, audio and repetition. While no one is paying me to say any of this, I thought I would share the wealth. I originally started using the app to brush up on my Spanish and to learn Portuguese so I can communicate a little with my cousins. Whether on the website or app, it feels like a game which is what I love most about this app, as you pass a level you earn coins which can be spent on extra lessons which drill into either slang or how to talk to a boy or a girl which gives the user incentive to pass the levels and earn those points. Considering it’s free and there’s well over 80 million users – this is HUGE! I was already amazed by the app/website in usage, but upon watching a TedTalk where a boy who 8 months ago didn’t know a lick of English was communicating blew my mind.

Well, lets just say Duolingo;

when I saw they were adding new languages, nerdy/little kid Alethea was jumping for joy. As I glanced at the list of languages coming soon, one in particular made me jump for joy. Duolingo will be adding Klingon to it’s list of languages soon! [insert happy dance of some kind here]. For those of you who’ve been living under a rock who don’t know what Klingon is, it’s the constructed language spoken by the fictional extraterrestrial Klingon species in the Star Trek universe. Created by Marc Okrand, the language itself is centered around spacecraft, warfare, and weaponry — but it also reflects the directness and sense of humor of the Klingon culture.

As a kid, I always wanted to learn Klingon. Star Trek was my long lost Never-land and Worf was someone I related to along with Spock. Sadly, I never learned or rather my other child dreams got in the way. :) Regardless, I’m utterly stoked about this. Granted, after a quick google search I’ve learned it won’t be launched until February 21, 2016 but hey we’re already almost in May…next year isn’t as far as you think. If you’d like to keep up to date with the launch of Klingon in the future and get email updates about it’s release.

You can visit Duolingo’s Klingon page below;


If you’d like to watch us talk  about Duolingo and our excitement of the addition of Klingon, check out the video down below!