Valentines Day Dinosaur Stay Awesome Card – PDF Download – Freebie

Stay Awesome Downloadable Card

Stay Awesome Downloadable Card

Need a Valentines Day Card? Check out our Dinosaur Stay Awesome Card!

I created this valentines day card as a result of our Cheap Crayon Challenge video and while we rant about how awful the crayons are in the video. The reality is you can create things with the simplest of things, or just about anything.

Here is a downloadable PDF so you can print and cut your own copies to give away and share this valentines day season to your friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, whoever you really want your grandma, your mom…I mean heck you can even keep em for yourself! Stay awesome!

Enjoy! Feel free to tag in on social media @inkeater!

GO HERE T0 –Download to Dinosaur Valentine PDF

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