Favorite Song Lately – Giver by K. Flay

Hey Internet & Friends!

Its been a while since we’ve done a favorite songs lately…and wanted to share one of my favorites as of a while…I love those songs you first discover and fall hard in love for…only to forget and rediscover via music video! This song would have to be Giver by K. Flay…I think the best part is when the music video lives up to what you had imagined and then some.

The music utilizes stop animation one of the loves of my life!

Check it out below!

“I got so much soul in my body
But no one keeping me honest
And whole days turn into holes in my mind
I got high hopes lots of potential
I’m high, broke, searching for symbols
And I will not let go of what is mine”

-Giver by K. Flay