Lets Draw Beebo – Legends of Tomorrow – Timelapse Art By Inkeater

This past week I wanted to draw something simple and easy. I’ve been drawing portraits recently and have kind of wanted to venture off into the land of imagination and drawing things from there. So this week, I took a step back in the land of people portraits and ventured into drawing the imaginary. I was recently introduced to Legends of Tomorrow by my friend Melanie and Beebo! And OH! How much do I love Beebo! So much so, that I decided to draw the God of War and give him fingers so he looks like he’s actually running up to you screaming Beebo Cuddle!

This drawing took approximately 30 minutes to create, draw, ink and watercolor. I really enjoy how Beebo came out, with the exception of I want to add some reds to give the character more depth, which will probably happen later on this weekend considering I wanted to let the drawing dry so it didn’t become muddy!

So expect that later on this month and let me know who I should draw next!