Favorite Songs Lately – Semi-Automatic by Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots just happens to be one of those bands, I listen to and then rediscover a year or a few months down the road through Spotify and I find a song that hits me. While this week’s favorite song lately, is an oldie its still a good one that’s playing on repeat in my head as fo recently. That song is…Semi-Automatic by Twenty One Pilots.



I really love their sound and how they’re one of those bands whose sound is so unpredictable sometimes like just when you think you’ve figured out the type of music they make, they come out with something so unexpected. But then again, I think thats what everyone absolutely loves about them.

I genuinely love that Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun aren’t afraid to experiment.

They have some suprising catchy and hypnotic beats. I love they’re ability to not be labeled into a category and create these really catchy songs with out there combinations of sounds. A few of my favorite songs would have to be off the Blurryface album, along with house of gold, and am a really huge fan of some of their music videos.

Granted, I am kind of surprised that Semi-Automatic does not have its own music video. Granted, I had never looked for one up until now. If you’re curious about the song itself, check it out below!


Semi-Automatic by Twenty One Pilots

“…The horrors of the night melt away
Under the warm glow of survival of the day
Then we move on, my shadow grows taller along with my fears
And my friends shrink smaller as night grows near
When the sun is coming, window soothes
And the silver lining rides the hills
I will be saved for one whole day
Until the sun make the hills its grave…”

Lyrics from Semi-Automatic by Twenty One Pilots


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I really like sharing my favorite songs and am curious, what’s your favorite song that you’ve been listening to lately?

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