Horror News – Brian De Palma Writing Harvey Weinstein-Inspired Horror Film

In the land of Horror, a few articles come out stating that Brian De Palma director of Scarface, Dressed to Kill and The Untouchables is in the works of creating a Harvey Weinstein-inspired Horror film which I find interesting, so I went looking for the why.

Solitude Standing by Josef Stuefer

Solitude Standing by Josef Stuefer

Logic behind making a Harvey Weinstein-inspired Horror film

Usually horror movies are about the things we fear the most and in recent years, mental health has taken a front row sit in horror movies. And I find it interesting that real life is now imitating art once again with this Brian De Palma Harvey Weinstein-inspired horror film.

Director Brian de Palma in a recent interview with French publication Le Parisien answers this himself, bringing up the #metoo movement and how he feels it will influence the film. It almost seems as though directors now a days are relying heavily on what is going on currently in the news and creating art from it, which is not anything new. We have seen this in the past with the Slenderman film, which was actually accused of capitalizing on real-life tragedy along with a few others such The Strangers where the director Bryan Bertino was influenced to create the film based off a childhood experience and article he had read about the Keddie Cabin Murders.


Halloween Horror by Camera Eye Photography, Taken in McLaughlin, Oshawa, Ontario Canada

Halloween Horror by Camera Eye Photography,

But it does make one question if its just about capitalizing on a movement and creating a Harvey Weinstein-inspired Horror film? Then again, the director mentions that he himself knows a lot of the people that were involved in real life and knows stories which to be fair makes him no different than a tell all gossip story which sells like hot cakes on the newspaper stands which leads me to believe it just about capitalizing on a movement. Then again, to give the benefit of the doubt it could be about collaborations in horror and the influence of women in horror?

Influence of Women In Horror

Brian De Palma touches on the male gaze and adds that he wonders what the female gaze will bring to the table and whether it is any different than a males? I feel like Brian de Palma is trying to push envelopes in horror in some kind of a way.

But these are all speculations, what do you think of the Harvey Weinstein-inspired Horror film?

Do you think that Brian Del Palma just wants to create an interesting horror movie or is his idea of creating a Harvey Weinstein-inspired Horror film just a bad idea? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear your thoughts.