How Do you Organize Your Record Collection…when it FAILS – Vinyl and Music News by Inkeater

Organizing your record collection can be tricky at times, you start to fill your house with then you try to be selective about what you bring home. Next comes, how on earth do you organize them? I genuinely thought I had developed a great organization system only to realize as of recently…my system was FLAWED and SUCKED!

I still find it funny, I would find the record I was looking for many months ago just while glancing over before hitting the record button andd while this frustrated me I thought…Hey! lets take this opportunity to talk about record collections and how on earth do you organize them?

Especially when your system fails you. This happened recently when I wanted to record my episode regarding songs about Pi(e)! And it got the wheels turning to to speak.

How do you Organize Your Record Collection?

Let me know your tips and tricks for organizing your obsession… and help answer the age old question, how do you organize your record collection…when it FAILS….

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