You May Now Kill the Bride – Return to Fear Street – Book Review

R.L. Stine is back to his glory of the 90s! And we’re here with a review of R.L. Stine’s latest masterpiece You May Now Kill the Bride – Return to Fear Street – Book Review!

You May Now Kill the Bride - Return to Fear Street

Recently, I’ve fallen in love with wanting to watch more than horror and as a result I’ve dived back into the land of mystery, horror and creatures when it comes to my books. And as I flipped through Audible, which as of lately has been my source of reading especially now a days with always being on the go. I was excited to see that RL Stine had started writing more Fear Street books! And while I love Stephen King it seems like he’s the only person writing horror now a days and have been craving a lot more variety (Please feel free to recommend books!)

I Loved Fear Street Growing Up…

Growing up as a kid, the Fear Street series was my go to source of book reading and if you were a child or teenager of the 90s, you LIVED for these books or at least I did. There was an article recently, discussing how R.L. Stine is not slowing down anytime soon and is creating more Goosebumps books and I am totally stoked but have high hopes of his return especially with the work he’s been doing with Jack Black in bringing the Goosebump series back to life.

While some people did not care for the book simply because there was no resolve and so many unanswered questions that’s probably the one thing that I LOVE about R.L.Stine is that you didn’t have to enjoy/read the other books to enjoy the current and nothing is left neatly wrapped with a bow which to be honest, I think we’ve been spoiled by TV shows and books which give us closure and all the answers.

You May Now Kill the Bride – Return to Fear Street – Book REVIEW

The book delves back into the world of Fear Street, the feud between the Goodes and the Fears the book starts with two sisters one of who is getting married while venturing back and forth between the present day family and the one from the 1920s, using magic to help fight forces and a mixture of suspense and mystery to lead you on an adventure as you get sucked into what is actually going on. This book is really a throwback to the days of I Know What you Did Last Summer and Lois Duncan.

What I love most about this book is how R.L. Stine is introducing old school things to a new generation using language from that time and artifacts such as a victrola. He really brings 1924 to life on the pages with his use of language and objects from that time.

This book itself is a page-turner and a great introduction into the world of fear street plus SPOILER…there’s crazy squirrels! HAHAHA! And while most did not care for all the unanswered questions I am genuinely looking forward to reading The Wrong Girl when I get a chance as I might have to resort to picking up the tangible since it hasn’t been released just yet on Audible.

If you’re interested in the book You May Now Kill the Bride by R.L. Stine whether that’s listening to it or holding the tangible check it out.