Dessa Shrimp Contest Entry for Dessa’s 46-Second Film Festival & who won!

Dessa Shrimp Contest Entry for Dessa's 46-Second Film Festival & who won! Here is my Dessa Shrimp Contest Entry! Lets just say I couldn’t resist entering this contest and this was just a blast to make! It has reinvigorated the creativity in my head. And plan on one way or another to release more creative pieces in the form of animations on my YouTube Channel.

Here’s my Dessa Shrimp Contest Entry, Check it out!

The song Shrimp is by Dessa. The animations/drawings and video is by me.It was cool to see all the entries that people created!

The winner did an amazing job, check it out their entry below! I really love their claymation style and it kind of reminds me of our cannibalistic mountain dew can days! HAHA!

Congratulations to Alison for the awesome creative video! So cool to see everyone’s entry I especially loved the stopmotion created by Katrina! So many cool entries popped up as a result of this little mini contest and the contest really inspired me to create more. Especially releasing the ideas I’ve been holding in my head. So expect more creations in the future.

If you’d like to check out some animations we’ve done in the past definitely check out this playlist!