Dale Gas by Snow Tha Product ft. Alemán – Favorite Song Lately

One of my favorite songs as of lately, that I have been blasting in my car for the past month has been Dale Gas by Snow Tha Product ft. Alemán! I really appreciate finding her, but then also finding other latino rappers alongside her such as Alemán. There’s a world of latinos out there such as Residente, 2mex, Manu Chau and Calle 13. But its always freaking cool to find a female latina spitting versus and getting dirty and talking shit and that is probably one of my absolutely favorite things about Snow Tha Product.

Dale Gas by Snow Tha Product ft. Alemán

As a fellow latina (Nicaraguan) I love the fire she brings to the table, its’ something I haven’t seen in a real long while and I am absolutely in love with the fact that she’s out there bringing heat to the latina game. I really love her fusion of mixing english and Spanish and as a fellow latina from Miami I find myself being able to relate to an artist.

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Its real refreshing to see someone out there holding their own and not being apologetic about who they are but instead saying fuck you, this is me. If you love that angsty fuck it attitude with a good beat, definitely check out Dale Gas by Snow Tha Product ft. Alemán! I cannot wait to see more from this girl, and if didn’t know about her. Definitely give her music a shot, some of my faves would have to be Ayayay, Today I Decided, Waste of Time and I Go.

And if you’re into watching youtube videos, she makes videos. Check her out if you’re into it.


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“..Dicen que ¿pa’ dónde voy?
Voy pa’ arriba, ¿pa’ ‘ónde más?
Soy la fuckin’ mexicana
Ain’t no stopping, dale gas…”

Lyrics from Dale Gas by Snow Tha Product ft. Alemán


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I really like sharing my favorite songs and am curious, what’s your favorite song that you’ve been listening to lately?

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