My Top 7 Rob Zombie Songs

So I may be a little bitter that Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson did not make their way down to Florida AT ALL! The closest we got is Atlanta, Georgia which sounded rather tempting! I mean COME ON! It’s ROB ZOMBIE! But I thought lets talk about my top 7 Rob Zombie songs I love!

Top 7 Rob Zombie Songs I Love - Lets Talk Music

First things first, I cannot say NO to a Rob Zombie concert considering I’ve seen the awesomeness that comes out of that man. He has been of of my favorite creators since discovering his music video of Dragula and Living Dead Girl and seeing his live shows only fueled this obsession with the creations he would take and make from his head.

But it kind got me thinking because one thing led to another and I found myself venturing down a rabbit hole filled with Rob Zombie music and this may have fueled a fire, to thinking maybe road trip to Georgia so I thought we’d talk about my top 7 Rob Zombie songs!


I have loved his creations from a young age whether we’re talking White Zombie or the Beavis’ hallucination sequence from Beavis and Butthead do America which was based off his work or watching his music literally come to life with his creations on stage back in the late 90s with Korn! What I wouldn’t give to get to hang out inside his head for a day or two. Honestly, Rob Zombie is hands down one of my favorite creators I’d love to meet. I love his use of combining classic horror with suspense!

And while I may be bitter, that there are no tour dates for Florida here they are in no particular order, my top 7 Rob Zombie Songs!

My TOP 7 Rob Zombie Songs

1. Dragula by Rob Zombie

I love the combination of sounds he uses, Not only is his music engaging but the visuals he presents on screen. I really love how he brings songs to life and it can be seen a great deal in his films! My favorite part about Dragula besides the chorus is the vehicle itself! I was stunned when a lot of the visuals he brought into his music videos presented themselves in his concerts and makes him one of those acts you don’t want to miss out on. I’ve had the opportunity to see him twice and both times blew my mind.

2. Living Dead Girl by Rob Zombie

I love the visuals in Living Dead Girl. I love the old school movie vibes in it plus, just the kooky stories he cooks up in his lyrics. Over the years, as I’ve seen Rob Zombie branch out into film I’ve had the opportunity to see his creations turn larger than the scale of a stage. As a fellow creator, I love seeing other creators finally getting to do what they want with their ideas.

3. Foxy, Foxy by Rob Zombie

I love the psychedelic sounds in this song in particular, and the repetitious nature of the song itself with the chorus.

4. The Scorpion Sleeps by Rob Zombie

I love the intro, and the upbeat tone of this song the opening lyrics are among my favorites in the land of Rob Zombie songs along with Pussy Liquor.

5. Sick Bubblegum by Rob Zombie

I love the combination of audio clips of what sounds like Captain Spaulding from House of a Thousand Corpses and his use of music with sound bytes interwined. I think this is a space where Rob Zombie not only excels but he’s in a league of his own creating music and intertwining it in his spooky films.

6. Superbeast

This is a classic alongside Demonoid Phenomenon. I really miss and love Rob Zombie’s grundgy looking like a Zombie days. There was something raw about what he was creating then and despite the years his aesthetic can be seen in his work and speaks for itself.

7. Everyone’s Fucking in a U.F.O.

This song in particular renewed my love of everything Rob Zombie over the last year or so! I really love how his music videos are slowly turning into mini-movies, or maybe that’s just me! It goes back to his roots I think and gives really great visuals to the song lyrics he creates. I really regret not picking up this 7” single on 45rpm during Record Store Day in 2017 because I fell hard for the artwork. Rob Zombie has this knack of combining almost the impossible.


My TOP 7 Rob Zombie Songs

  1. Dragula
  2. Living Dead Girl
  3. Foxy, Foxy
  4. Scorpion Lives
  5. Sick Bubblegum
  6. Superbeast
  7. Everyone’s Fucking in a U.F.O.

Looking back on the 90s, and seeing where he’s at today with Everyone’s Fuckin’ in a U.F.O. I think Rob Zombie has found his niche in this world and I just hope he’s got tons of tricks up his sleeves because its been a joy to see him grow into the successes of today and I cannot wait to see what he comes up with past this point.

And let me know in the comments, what are some of your favorite Rob Zombie songs?