Tonight as part of Inktober we drew Kate Fuller from Dusk till Dawn played by Juliette Lewis. This drawing took 37 minutes to ink, draw and create! Watch Kate Fuller from Dusk till Dawn Come to life! Never seen dusk till dawn, check it out! Check out the rest of the bad ass ladies […]

Tonight we drew Rosemary from Rosemary’s Baby! Watch Rosemary from Rosemary’s Baby timelapse, check it out! Never seen Rosemary’s Baby? Check it out! ✅SUBSCRIBE to the channel, if you liked the video – 🗯NEW VIDEOS Every Tuesday, Wednesday🗯🗯 HOPING to bring back Thursday SOON with NEW animations!

Tonight we drew Mary Sanderson as part of our Inktober Bad ass Ladies of Horror series! Mary Sanderson took 30 minutes to ink, draw and create! Watch Mary Sanderson come to life, check it out! And let us know in the comments who’s your favorite sanderson sister! Check out the other Sanderson Sisters – Check […]

As part of Inktober, we drew Kayako Saeki from The Grudge / Ju-on! She nk, ! draw and create took 29 minutes to ink, draw, and create. Watch us draw Kayako Saeiki, check it out! Never seen The Grudge? Check it out! Let me know in the comments below what is your favorite foreign […]

Tonight we drew Baby from The Devil’s Rejects as part of our bad ass ladies of horror series this inktober! We also discuss Rob Zombie and a video we watched about how Rob Zombie’s movies are just really big music videos and I’d have to disagree in a little bit of a way. We drew […]

Tonight we drew Vampira as part of our bad ass ladies of horror for Inktober! we’ve got at least 6 more drawings to complete this year’s inktober 31 drawings! And then the challenge will be how many more doodles can we do consecutively! We drew Vampira, check it out!   Never heard of Vampira? Check […]

Tonight we drew Samara from The Ring! she took 22 minutes to ink, draw and create! If you want to check out the other bad ass ladies, check out the playlist below! Check out the timelapse of Samara from The Ring! Movies we mentioned – The Ring – May – Mama – […]

Tonight for Inktober we drew Bonnie from The Craft! She took 29 minutes to ink, draw and create! I really love how her jacket and hair turned out. If you loved this drawing definitely check out the drawings we did of Nancy and Rochelle from The Craft this Inktober! We drew Bonnie from The Craft, […]

As part of Inktober this year we drew Winifred Sanderson from Hocus Pocus! I absolutely love how her hair came out! If you love her, definitely check out Sarah Sanderson who we drew early on in the month! This entire month we’ve dedicated it to drawing bad ass ladies of horror, and so far all […]