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Horror Button Collection – Items Added to Etsy

I am so excited to announce, we have relaunched our Etsy Store and have added a quite a few NEW items.I am so pleased to share with you our horror button collection featuring drawings we’ve done such as the Horror Monsters from my Nightmares from the Bedroom Collection along with my American Horror Story Collection, […]

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Watch and Review Horror Movie The Boy (2016)

This past week, we decided to watch and review the horror movie The Boy (2016). Don’t get met wrong I really enjoy a good horror movie, you know the kind…that can take you beyond your own imagination and into the world of the supernatural and believing anything presented in your wake. Unfortunately, horror movie The […]

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Horror News – Brian De Palma Writing Harvey Weinstein-Inspired Horror Film

In the land of Horror, a few articles come out stating that Brian De Palma director of Scarface, Dressed to Kill and The Untouchables is in the works of creating a Harvey Weinstein-inspired Horror film which I find interesting, so I went looking for the why. Logic behind making a Harvey Weinstein-inspired Horror film Usually horror […]

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