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Whats Up With the Weird Cartoons? – Inkeater Originals – Artist Vlog

So you’ve probably been wondering about the weird cartoons lately? Well, I’ve always talked about sharing our creations. I have a tendency to create them for others and thought f*ck it lets do this. And I’m kind of glad to unleash all the creations in the forms I intended. What’s funny is this channel has […]

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Company Beginnings – The Corporate Ants – Episode 01

This past June we released a cartoon in the form of a comic, this is Company Beginnings for The Corporate Ants. Curious about the series, just when you thought your boss was bad…Meet Carl & Bill the leaders within pulling all the strings and then some. In tonight’s episode Bill tells Carl what he did […]

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New Products – Buttons & Keychains! – Coming Soon to Etsy

Over the weekend,  I shared these beauties with no real explanation. Lets just say we’ve had a lot of plans in the works and we’re finally revealing our hands! If you’re curious, what these babies turned into? Buttons & Keychains Follow me on instagram!, where I’ve been sharing all the creations I’ve been making so […]

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