Cool Cheap Creative Halloween Decorations – Dollartree Haul

We found some really Cool Cheap Creative Halloween Decorations in this Dollartree Haul for the halloween season. Except mini rant… Its seems like every year, Halloween gets better in terms of cool products. But gets shorter in terms of its shelf life with items in the stores just as soon as they lay them out they’re marking them on sale, which hey! I’m not complaining as a lover of the holiday because its kind of a win for those of us who love to decorate our homes.

What I love most is how over time, Dollartree has kind of stepped up its game in terms of products and quality! Check out these cool dollarstore finds in this dollartree haul! I still cannot believe that golden skullglobe was a dollar! Check out the video below to see our haul!

Our Halloween Dollartree Haul