I’m an artist, a creator, a music nerd, a coder, and sometimes a really big kid with a crazy imagination often turning the imagined into the real. I go by the artist name inkeater and I’ve been creating ever since I could hold a crayon (1984) and posting videos on YouTube since May 2006, it’s given me the opportunity to work with companies such as Mountain Dew and Robot Films. I have many passions and hobbies as you’ll see from my portfolio I like taking the imagined and turning it into the real whether through code or artistic means.


I’ve created comics, experimented with light painting, dabbling in anything artistic or creative by any means. While my degree may be in Art History, I also studied printmaking and this was my original major until someone gave me a piece of advice and I changed my mind to go after what I enjoyed that being video art and stop animation. Early on I experimented with stop animation and one of them being my first YouTube video of mountain dew cans consuming other cans. 

 And it was love at first sight.

Watch the original above or watch the one Heman and Zombie made with sound!


Don’t let the silly humor. fool you! I’m a nerd bursting at the seams and when I’m not creating, I can often be found nerding out on the latest app or advancement in technology.

For the last nineteen years, I’ve helped create, code, and maintain websites for a living, and over the years I’ve realized my passion is helping others see their ideas through, whether that’s through artistic/creative means or through code and design. I love taking the imagined and turning it into the real. There are no crazy ideas in my book I love the impossible and a challenge. My expertise lies in revamping websites, bringing others’ visions to life, logo design, project management, and creative direction.


Beyond the world of coding, I’ve translated a lot of my creative talents and hobbies to serve me in other areas of expertise, one such area is Video Editing. Over the years, I’ve been given the opportunity to showcase my skills and create educational content.


In my spare time, I like to create just so I can free up room for new ideas to grow. I’ve been creating online ever since there was a mouse and some kind of photoshop program placed in front of me.

For the last ten years, I’ve had a YouTube Channel / Inkeater and this is where the majority of my creative creations get unleashed out unto the world. From 2009-11 I created content for 12seconds.tv which gave me the opportunity to work with some awesome brands and companies over the years such as CheggSouthwest Airlines & Mountain Dew.


Raymond Pettibon, Andres Serrano, Basquiat, Robert Crumb, Casey Neistat, Modigliani, Tim Burton, Rob Zombie, Mike Judd, Waking Life, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, Vanilla Sky, Run Lola Run, Charles Bukowski, Charles Palahniuk, Hedwig and the Angry Inch


You can get in touch with me in these ways if you’d like!


Some of my creations have been featured in articles, on Pinterest boards, and on blogs around the world. We recently talked about our art on Nightmare on Sedgewick Avenue Podcast by 7Octoberz [2022]

Beyond my creations, I also dabble in some acting and as a result, have been given the opportunity to appear in commercial and voiceover spots shown nationwide.

See Resume. 


We’ve sold our art to 1,749 individuals in over 750 cities worldwide.