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My favorite character on WWDITS hands down is Guillermo De La Cruz. I couldn’t resist the urge to paint him with our gouache paint. Check out the timelapse down below! I know we owe you guys some Cryptids episodes, but tonight I wanted to draw Guillermo De La Cruz and talk about my love for this quirky character from What We Do in the Shadows. So watch us draw Guillermo del la Cruz aka Harvey Guillen from What we do in the Shadows!
I recently started painting with color, I purchased a gouache set of paints and have fallen hard for painting in color again.
As an actor, he’s phenomenal, and a total riot to follow on social media.
If you don’t already, you should definitely check out What We Do in the Shadows and come back and let us know who your favorite character is from the tv series and or movie!
Me, while I love Taika Watiti’s character, Guillermo has a soft spot in my heart and reminds me of the Latino kid who grew up loving Antonio Banderas in Interview with the Vampire and wanting to be just like him.
I hope you enjoyed watching this portrait come together and let me know who we should draw next from What We Do in the Shadows?
Hope you’re doing awesome,
Watch the timelapse down below and listen to us talk about our love of Guillermo!

Drawing Guillermo De La Cruz

If you liked this drawing, let us know in the comments who we should draw next from what we do in the shadows!!!
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