Hey Friends! Hey Internet!

Hope you guys are doing awesome, ever since Inktober ended I’ve been keeping busy art wise by participating in Huevember. Its been a fun and awesome challenge. 

The idea behind Huevember is: 1 Drawing a Day – 1 Main Hue a Day – Any Medium. Meaning you can only change the value and saturation of the color, initially I had chosen to do this challenge with color pencils but decided shortly after being two to three drawings in that I really preferred to do this in watercolor. 

I am so glad I decided to change it up, granted, I’ve realized how much I need a new set of watercolors. 

Below you’ll find a Days 01-11 of Huevember so far. 

DAY 01-03

DAY 04-06

DAY 07-09

DAY 10 & 11

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