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Here’s a Free Wallpaper for Your Devices. I KNOW we missed the our saturday deadline of handing out a new free background image. But Let me explain…I was busy preparing for a comic con, but not just any comic con…It was ONE Where a COMIC we drew made it into their annual anthology for 2017 and we were invited to set up and sell art and sign books. We were included with 30 other artists from South Florida. & let me say It was SOOOO cool! 

SO I’m sorry if this week’s background is a little late! Its late with good reason. I kind of died Saturday after the event but had every intention of uploading it and writing this blog post. So here it is better late than never, in celebration of the release of the comic book we thought we’d release a free background image of the Comic itself.

Free Wallpaper for Your Devices

This week’s wallpaper features No Thats My Batman Belt! from a comic series we do called She Plus Him. 

Every Friday(hopefully if not Saturday…maybe Sundays now..haha) I will be releasing a new wallpaper for you to use on your devices. This can range from watercolors to cool drawings I’ve done that week on my YouTube channel. The best way to get dibs on what the next background is by signing up for my newsletter! (PLUS MORE!)

I’ve covered the basic devices (Samsung, LG, Iphone 6 and 6 plus, IPad, Macbook, PC). But if I’ve forgotten one, let me know!

This week’s freebie No Thats Batman Belt Phone & PC/MAC Wallpaper!
No Thats my Batman Belt by Inkeater Free Wallpaper 

No Thats my Batman Belt (Samsung LG – 1440 x 2060)
No Thats my Batman Belt (IPad – 768 x 1024)
No Thats my Batman Belt (IPhone 6 – 750 x 1334)
No Thats my Batman Belt (IPhone Plus – 1080 x 1920)

No Thats my Batman Belt (PC – 1920 x 1080)
No Thats my Batman Belt (Macbook – 2560 x 1600)

If there’s a size not covered, and the one you download doesn’t fit your device, let me know by emailing or commenting below and I’ll send you one in the dimensions you need! </div>

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