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Did you know that the new Leatherface movie comes out today?

While I am super stoked about it…I feel like they missed an awesome opportunity to come out with all the classics on Friday the 13th similar to what Halloween Horror Nights did this year. Granted with the movie¬†Happy Death Day coming out on that day this might of taken away some of the hype from cult classics such as IT, LeatherfaceJigsaw to name a few.

But I still think it would of been a cool thing to take advantage of even if most people associate Friday 13th with Jason. I am such a huge fan of classic horror coming back out of the woodwork! Mostly because, there’s an emphasis on using music to create the mood and creep factor which has me all the more excited for these classics reviving their franchises.

In honor of Leatherface, we thought we’d share this drawing we did back in 2015 when we were delving into the horror portraiture with all the cult classics that made you wet your pants back in the day as a kid.

This drawing took 1 hour and 23 minutes and 43 seconds to create!

If you like it, you can get yourself a signed print by yours truly via my Etsy store!

PS. Be on the look out for new wallpapers we’ll be adding soon so you can flaunt your love of horror on all your electronic devices! Follow us on social media so you’ll be in the know when we release those babies into the store!

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