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Since we’re literally at the halfway point to Halloween give-or-take a by a few days. I thought I’d share my top 5 favorite horror movies. First things first, I love horror of all kinds. But I have a tendency to gravitate towards a certain kind and the weirder, the better. The criteria for a good horror movie to me even though I’m a sucker for B-movies are really things that don’t make any sense and ridiculous situations which are probably my two favorite types of horror. I really enjoy a good horror-comedy, which I think is pretty evident when you see the list below.

So here are My Top 5 Favorite Horror Movies (in no order in particular)

1. Rubber

Rubber, features a psychotic tire on a vengeance. I can’t say anymore without giving things away. I will say my favorite scene is hands down the staredown with the police car and the tire, hence why we drew it! If case you’re curious, you can check the movie out.

2. Poultrygeist

Poutrygeist is hard to explain, other than let’s leave it at Zombie Chickens not to ruin anything. It’s hands down one of my favorite films to watch.
Granted, I am a sucker for anything Troma films, I actually got to meet Lloyd Kaufman back when I was helping my friend Jordan with his shop at Super Con a few years back. He was such a cool dude to talk creativity with.  If you’re not a fan of gross horror humor then this might not be your thing. If you’re a fan of all of the above, then proceed to watch one of my favorites. 

3. Blubberella

As for Blubberella, well she’s half vampire, half human — I can’t really explain this you’re just going to have to watch it. It’s funny if you’re not easily offended. Granted, I was teased with a second movie, that I have yet to see come out which is a slight bummer.
I really love the character Blubberella and the humor/horror parody type movie it is. If you’re the type that liked Snakes on the Plane or Flight of the Living Dead then this might be right up your alley.

4. Feist Trilogy

Feast Trilogy, I found this horror series on a whim, and with each addition, it left me thrilled. This series features a bunch of patrons at a bar trying to survive some creatures. Each movie, continues into the next day. I really enjoy the creatures and the humor behind this horror movie. I later came to find out a good friend of mine, Mike who I worked with when I created for Mountain Dew actually created the special effects and was one of the monsters in the movie. It’s hilarious sometimes what a small world we live in.

5. Devil’s Rejects

I love Rob Zombie, I’ve been a huge fan of his creative work since the early days. I really love how he’s transitioned a lot of his onstage creations into the movies he creates. I just wish he’d dive deeper, but that’s just me.

Devil’s Rejects follows the murderous Firefly family and their shenanigans. While I love House of a 1,000 Corpses, I really love the story of devil’s rejects. I recently saw 3 from Hell on Shudder and it was good. Granted, I wish Rob Zombie, like I said would delve deep into his other creations. I recently read a Bigfoot comic that was pretty fantastic, which was written by him and Steve Niles which I’ll be reviewing soon.

So, I hope you enjoyed my top 5 horror movies, some of the films we mentioned border on horror, some are downright ridiculous. But that’s kind of my jam for me, sometimes the imagined is better than the real when it comes to the land of horror. My favorite type of horror is the kind that gives you the ability to suspend your belief and believe in the imagined if even for a brief point in time.

But let me know in the comments what are your top five favorite horror movies, I’d really love to know. Plus how else do you get new horror movie suggestions?

Anyway, I hope you’re doing awesome…


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