Daddy Yankee becomes first Latino artist to reach No. 1 on Spotify. In case you live under a rock…did you know that Ed Sheeran has been dethrowned as #1 on Spotify. The Spot has bee stolen by Daddy Yankee the 1st latin artist to be #1 on Spotify. In a world, where not many latin artists get to see the surface of hitting the mainstream and just staying in their genre. Daddy Yankee has jumped leaps and bounds from his hit Gasolina, This past year…his collab featuring Luis Fosi with Despasito has hit the airwaves with an irresistable beat that cannot be ignored. And no…don’t listen to the Justin Beiber remix…listen to the original with just Luis Fosi and Daddy Yankee breaking it down and pushing barriers.

I really hope this pushes other artists out there of all different ethnicities to see they too can reach #1 and it isn’t isolated to a beautiful song with some hypnotic lyrics by Ed Sheeran.

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