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This week we wanted to discuss songs to clean with. You know you’re in a rut — I mean some of us have been our houses for over 30 days and contemplating what haven’t they done that they could do. This also includes cleaning —

I’ve noticed audiobooks help me tons — but then it got me thinking in the land of music, what are some songs that you clean by? One hilarious one I’ve been loving recently is Sucia by DJ Dnamiq— it’s in Spanish but it got me thinking what do others listen to when they clean? are you the music type if so — share your playlist — if not – no worries.

Dj Dynamiq – Sucia song wen mention – https://open.spotify.com/track/27n6RpNyvHxps3cWlZPWcg?si=XVDlbvh9RCC-DXWPyWeMaQ

Songs to Wash Your Hands to – https://open.spotify.com/album/48AQpNUK8XuyvKaTfQlxOz?si=cF4YVqTcQ1yO4IjhqPJ8PA

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