So, this week on Vinyl and Music News (VAMN) Inkdrop wants to talk about how awesome it is Spotify is featuring LGBTQ artists, stories, podcasts, music and more!

Check it out!

Looking for a link to the genre? type PRIDE into the search of spotify!

NO LINK? Because Spotify doesn’t do sharable links for genres? WHY NOT? Maybe we want to share a genre instead of having somoene going on a hunt. LMAO! OH NERDY RANTS! HOW I miss thee!!!

Hi Guys!

It’s Inkdrop! and welcome to VAMN! Vinyl and Music News!

Today in music news, I wanted to say did you know that SPOTIFY is featuring LGBTQ music, podcasts and audio by prominent people in honor of PRIDE Month!

SO MANY GOOD TUNES! Also they had animations talking about Stonewall, HIV and AIDS in the 80s, and other short stories that were really cool.

I also discovered some really cool podcasts, I LOOOVE podcasts!

Nancy is probably one of my favorite, holy cow! 10 episodes! I started listening in Women’s History Month! And forgot about it till now!

There was also Latin Pride with Ricky Martin on the front cover…and the one I thought was really cool was Queer Composers. Composers from waaay back and I thought WHOOOOA! NOW that’s cool!

Check it out, before they get rid of it. Like we realized they did for Women’s History Month. And whats’ your favorite song that celebrates pride?

Let me know in the comments below!

And before we go, a moment of silence of MObb Deep!

But we’ll leave that for next week.

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