What We Listened to in May 2020
Hey Guys! Hey Internet!

Here's what we listened to in May 2020! We share our Spotify playlist & our favorite songs for the month!
If you’re curious about what we were really into listening to last month? Check out the playlist down below!
This past month we went into a little bit of heavy on the rap, but what can I say a girl likes what she just likes. But I’d have to say the one album that stole my heart was the new Tech N9ne Enterfear album.  I really love Dr. Sebagh but that song FEED stole my heart, chewed it up, and ate it for lunch.  We also discovered some old songs we didn’t know about by Blue October The Worry List and The Getting Over It Part. Also, Sirah came out of the woodwork to grace us with a new single, Pennylane.

But out of all the songs I enjoyed listening to this month, I would have to say my favorite song from May was probably Pressure by Snow That Product.

I really enjoy the beats, plus I’ve got a soft spot for that music video. Check it out if you haven’t already.

And let me know what are some of your favorite songs from last month I’d really love to know.

Hope you are doing awesome,


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