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This past winter break, I binge-watched the heck out of Bates Motel. When I decided to draw Vera Farmiga aka Norma Bates from the TV show. I had stopped watching the show for one reason or another. I believe it was the conclusion of the 3rd season and somewhere within Season 4. Plus I’m the type of person who loves to let episodes build up. But didn’t know that the series had 5 seasons.

Bates Motel – TV Show Review

(May Contain Spoilers)

First things first, I had no clue there were 5 seasons worth of content. Honestly, I hesitated a bit wondering what else could happen, how could they drag this any further and boy, wow. Bates Motel did not disappoint. I recall stopping the show once Emma got her surgery, so this is kind of why I had this opinion.

But if you’re a fan of plot twists, then you’ll love the show. Honestly, plot twists are what made this show great for me that and Chick Hogan.

I was however really bummed out when he was eventually killed off, I would of loved to have seen a crossover into what he wrote about the family. But I appreciate where they took the story and how it ended. And how they kept Vera Farmiga’s character Norma Bates alive and a part of the show was incredible. Her performance, the plot twists along with Chick Hogan is what did it for me.

Granted, I cannot think of Freddie Highmore as anything else, but Norman Bates. And genuinely wonder how people can watch The Good Doctor and see past this because all I see is Norman Bates as a doctor. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve heard it’s a really good show but my mind cannot see past this.

Granted the show does have its dramatic moments, which if you’re a horror fan it may feel a bit dull.

But if you’re looking for a good cliff hanger, definitely check out Bates Motel.

I really enjoyed it and especially how they ended the show. This now has me interested in delving into Robert Bloch’s Psycho Books. Hopefully we can find them in audiobook format, if not, it’ll have to wait till next winter break.

And let me know what is a show that left you on the edge of your seat down in the comments below. ✌💚

PS. We also drew Chick Hogan a year ago, if you’re into time-lapses check it out.

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