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Here’s the list of potential awesome ladies of horror we’ll be drawing in the month of October for Inktober but feel free to make suggestions!

Wednesday Adams
Lydia (Beetlejuice)
Baby (Devil’s Rejects)
Sarah (Craft Witches)
Bonnie (Craft Witches)
Nancy (Craft Witches)
Rochelle (Craft Witches)
Winifred Sanderson (Sanderson Sisters)
Sarah Sanderson (Sanderson Sisters)
Mary Sanderson (Sanderson Sisters)
Lola Stone (The Loved Ones)
Brenda Carter (The Hills Have Eyes)
Beth Salinger (Hostel Part II)
Rhonda LaBeck (Tremors)
Tuffy (Feast)
Kate Fuller – (From Dusk till Dawn)
Samantha Hughes (The House of the Devil)
Selena (28 Days Later)
Maddie Young (Hush)
Lizzy (The Monster)
Jill Valentine (Resident Evil)
Ellen Ripley (Alien)
Samara (The Ring)
Kayako Saeki (The Grudge)
Ginger Fitzgerald (Ginger Snaps)
Laurie Strode (Halloween)
Clarice M. Starling (Hannibal)
Nancy Thompson (Nightmare on Elm Street)

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