Lets Talk Songs about Pi(e)!

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Lets Talk Songs about Pi(e)! The great part about music is that you can write a song about JUST ABOUT ANYTHING! Today for Vinyl and Music News (VAMN) in honor or Pi Day and Stephen Hawkings…I thought we’d talk Songs about Pie. While, some songs are literally about pie, many others use pie as a sexual innuendo.

What’s your favorite song about pie?

Whether it’s rock, rap, country, or anything in between, let me know in the comments below.

American Pie – Don McLean – also by Madonna
Wild Honey Pie – The Beatles
Cherry Pie – Warrant
Where’s My Apple Pie? – Joan Baez
Its a Wonderful Day for Pie – Family Guy (Show Clip)
Pie in the Sky – Johnny Cash
Custard Pie – Led Zeppelin
I Like Pie, I Like Cake – The Four Clefs
Apple Pie a la Mode by Destiny’s Child
Country Pie – Bob Dylan
Piggy Pie – Insane Clown Posse
Alligator Pie – Dave Matthews Band
Zoo Pie – Guided by Voices
Magic Pie – Oasis
Cutie Pie – Boyz II Men
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat – Joni Mitchell & Jaco Pastorius
Piece of Pie – Stone Temple Pilots
High Hopes – Frank Sinatra

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