So…whats up with the Shenanigans and 30 days of creativity? Well, its the idea of exercising your brain for 30 days by creating things no matter how good or bad…its creating for the sake of creating and exercising your brain. Hope that explains the shenanigans?

But then again, we may never return to the way it was…HAHAHA!

& If you’re having a bad week, dance your cares away!

Did I tell we’re creating for 30 days straight? Lets just say Heman forgot. HAHA! #video #haha #create #30doc\

This is kind of my secret to getting out of that creative rut!

Inkdrop and Rex are discussing their ideas for this month, when Heman interrupts asking whats up? Lets just say Heman forgot till now. HAHA!

Guess the cats out the bag now! Did we tell you we’re doing 30 days of creativity? Just expect the unexpected and if thats not your thing no worries!

Did you miss yesterday, where Inkdrop found out Zombie is just as bad as Heman…

If this is the first video you’re seeing of mine, WELCOME to my website. My name is Alethea, I go by the artist name Inkeater. I love drawing portraits and creatures from my imagination and bringing things to life and sometimes we talk about music.

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& I hope you guys are doing awesome.


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