YouTube Partner Program Changes

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Let’s talk about YouTube Partner Program Changes because of the YouTube Ad Boycott/Crisis, YouTube has made some BIG changes to the Partner Program… Some creators are losing money while smaller creators won’t be able to turn on monetization.

YouTube Partner Program Changes

For me first and foremost, this channel has and will always be about creation, talking about music, sharing ideas and telling stories. Its never been about the subscribers, or the money. In fact, I started this Youtube channel back in 2006…May 11 to be exact to unleash all my college stop animations and creations onto the world. My first video on this channel was a cannabalistic mountain dew can who eats and drinks his own kind.

You can even WATCH IT –

We also redid it with sound –

To me its always been about bringing things to life and YouTube gave me that opportunity when I created my channel back in 2006. I saw the potential in online media, and what it can do. Its opened the doors to the world of acting, commercial work, being used as a voice actor to getting to work for Mountain Dew, selling my own art and animations to companies, entering my first art shows, getting published in a comic, getting signed to a cartoon network…just to name a few. I’ve grown so much as an artist because of this site and its rough to find out you don’t meet the qualifications for monetization for one reason. And it may mean losing your network partnership in the process. But at the end of the day, I don’t see this as a deterent but rather an opportunity to grow. An opportunity to challenge myself in ways that I haven’t.

So instead of being bummed out the YouTube partner program changes think of this as a challenge and not neccesarily a roadblock! Sometimes in life you need to pivot to shake things up and this…this is one of those moments!

If you’ve read this far, can you do me a favor? if you like my content and aren’t already subscribe!…If you’re already subscribed but know a friend who might like it share the video. Or better yet, you know that youtube user who’s content you search for but never subscribe to…. do me a solid and…subscribe to their channel! I am pretty sure it’ll make their day in the end because there are tons of wonderful creators who despite their subscriber counts create amazing content and that should be celebrated!

Thank you to everyone who choses to watch and subscribe to my content, you have no idea how much it means to me. you’re the best!

Hope you guys are awesome and if you read this far you’re the greatest!

What is something difficult you’ve dealt with and overcome? ….let me know in the comments below! I like to think we can all learn from each other!

If this is the first video you’re seeing of mine, WELCOME to my website. My name is Alethea, I go by the artist name Inkeater. I love drawing portraits and creatures from my imagination and bringing things to life and sometimes we talk about music.

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