Hope everyone is having a great weekend! We’re excited to share Episode 2 of La Loca y Su Abuela is currently being featured on Channel Frederator’s AWESOME VIDEOS Playlist! If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t yet seen the episode definitely hop over to Frederator’s playlist here and check it out! It’s wild to see we have 49 views on the episode.

Featured on Channel Frederator’s Playlist

Featured on Channel Frederator's Playlist

La Loca y su Abuela features the shenanigans that was living and growing up with my Abuela who was my best friend and mom.

Each view means the world to us and we appreciate everyone who’s shown their love in the comments section already. If you’re wondering when the next episode will be released? We’ll be releasing a new episode of La Loca y Su Abuela on December 16th, 2023.Follow us to be the first to know when to release the next episode of La Loca Y Su Abuela first. Subscribe to our youtube channel!

In the meantime, if you haven’t already go watch La Loca y Su Abuela Episode 01 – Abuela VS. BBQ Sauce

or go check out Janice and the Pina Coladas a teaser we created featuring some characters from a series called Moco Industries that we hope to release the first episode of sometime later this year.

Hope you’re having an awesome day whenever the heck your’e at!

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