NEW Abuela Cartoon on Youtube!

I wanted to share with everyone there’s a new Abuela cartoon on our youtube channel! It’s been three years today since my best friend left this universe. And I made a decision back then instead of mourning the loss of her every year. I thought I’d make a cartoon of my favorite human and the shenanigans of the greatest person in my life!

I always promised my Abuelita we’d have a show together and we’d call it La Loca y Su Abuela. And we were in the process of making this happen in 2019 when she was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. At times, I wish things could have been different. I wish she was still here – I wish she did her own voice. I wish she got to see how much everyone loves these stories, But sometimes things are never in the cards.

What makes up for all of it… is the laughter. The comments talking about how silly and crazy my Abuelita was. It brings me joy to see her live on stories and getting others to see what we saw in her.

This cartoon was made with love and affection in honor of my best friend, my grandma and the crazy things she put me through. I’ve always loved creating and telling stories. At the end of the day while I wish she was here to see these creations. I know she’s got my back and she’s watching our every move screaming with joy.

Enjoy the second episode of Abuela vs. the Toilet Paper!


If you’d like to watch the first episode, you can do so by visiting this playlist featuring our abuela cartoon.

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