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So we’re trying to get back into the flow of posting on our website since migrating to our own server and decided to share us Drawing & Reviewing Tourist Trap from back in July of last year, in case you missed the episode of Friday N’ Chill – Where we draw and review horror movies that we’ve watched recently. In case you missed the first episode of us talking and reviewing Carne: The Taco Maker! You can check it out here! If not onward to us drawing & reviewing Tourist Trap!

If you’d to read our thoughts on the movie continue reading if not, enjoy the timelapse of this drawing coming to life down below.

Tourist Trap is a 1979 American supernatural slasher film directed by David Schmoeller aka the dude behind Puppetmaster. Starring Chuck Connors, Jocelyn Jones, Jon Van Ness, Robin Sherwood, and Tanya Roberts.

The film basically follows a group of young people who stumble upon a roadside museum run by a lonely eccentric. Where an unknown killer with telekinetic powers begins to murder them.

I will say I like the Killer Tomatoes summary of the movie just a little bit better.

A group of stranded teenagers falls prey to the demented owner of a roadside museum. And his army of evil mannequins.

I mean come on, an army of evil mannequins – you got me intrigued.

Reviewing Tourist Trap

This movie has a 40% on rotten tomatoes. While most will tell you it’s a campy film and not worth your time. I, however, have to say yes it’s weird. But it’s better than its reputation because it uses eerie music, dark lighting, and creepy sets. Instead of relyingn heavily on violent, bloody gore.

Plus you had me at telekinetic powers! Haha! When looking for films I have a tendency to go by the cheesier the front covers or title is. The better the story? And it so far hasn’t failed me yet.

If you’re into cheesy B-movie horror or love a good horror movie that uses music with a bizarre story – or you’re just a fan of Puppetmaster then this movie is probably for you.

One of my favorite things about this movie is how each character is separated from the bigger group – and killed off so to speak. And how the movie, just leads you on this journey of who did it? Is it his brother, is it him? – or is it the mannequins.

I don’t know there’s something about suspending your beliefs and falling into the land of imagination and that is probably one of my favorite things older horror movies that don’t have a massive budget is just how downright weird the storylines are – also I feel like most horror movies nowadays are so focused on hyper-realism or giving you a conclusion or explanation to the shenanigans that it takes away from the conclusions your imagination draws.

I’m a huge fan of supernatural horror movies that make no sense – in case you haven’t realized the theme here – or seen my review of Rubber featuring a tire that goes on a murderous rampage a few years back HAHA! You can check it out here.

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