Hey Guys, Hey Internet!

2019 was a wild ride. RECAP coming soon I swear, because it’s way too much to write in one post!

If I learned anything this past year it’s to trust your gut, and just do it. Even if it means walking away from 13 years of creations and letting them take the backseat. I am so grateful for all the awesome that has come my way as a result it was intense and still is but I’m like bring it 2020!

So, this is 2020!

In case, you missed the live stream during New Years. We rang in the new year drawing Barbara Walters, because this is 2020! HAHAHA!

Hope you guys are doing awesome and let me know what are you excited about for the new year. I’m excited for all the creations I plan on to unleash. I’m working on creating a form so you guys can submit ideas. Hopefully have that ready for the newsletter we’re sending out tomorrow.

Be sure to sign up, so you can be a part of the inside club who gets to submit suggestions! or check the sidebar pick your poison. ✌💗💚

Stay Awesome,

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