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Lets talk movies, specifically movies that have influenced you over time and kind of made you who into who you are today so to speak. Everyone has movies that influenced or shaped them in one way or another.

Below you’ll find a list of movies that have influenced me creativity.

10 movies that have influenced me creativity

First up, is of course, Hackers.

1. Hackers, 1995


Hackers is a timeless one for me we recently drew portraits of the characters in celebration of the 24th anniversary via a livestream

Another movie that influenced me was Hedwig And the Angry Inch. It was during my art film phase that I discovered this gem which I watched on repeat. It’s one of those films that I can watch without ever getting sick of.

2. Hedwig and the Angry Inch

FUN FACT – I wrote an entire college paper analyzing the gummi bear scene in Hedwig and the Angry Inch. It goes down as one of my greatest moments along with writing an entire 20 page paper on the History of Punk Rock in high school.

I genuinely don’t think my History teacher realize at the time when she said we could write about anything mentioned in the song, We Didn’t Start the Fire by Billy Joel and that I would take it there.

I still remember the look on her face, when I handed in my paper. This brings us to my next movie,
SLC Punk.

3. SLC Punk


I could go into great detail in how this movie influenced me creatively but will save that for another day. And I want to spare you this post being the length of a novel unlike my history teacher.

Next up is The Science of Sleep.  I was drawn to this movie, back when I worked at a movie theater that showed a great deal of foreign and art films. It was a great time of indulging heavily in one of my favorite past-times aka watching movies and getting to see things I wouldn’t normally. This was a great time in my life and I appreciate all the films I was able to see during this time one of them being The Science of Sleep.

4. The Science of Sleep


I love the combination of imagined and real inside of Science of Sleep. Michel Gondry is probably one of my favorite directors. I won’t say absolute favorite because I have many favorites. Plus it’s hard to choose just one. But you can say he’s close to number one in my book. He is also the creative talent behind my favorite Foo Fighter’s song, Everlong.

Another movie that influenced me and continues to is Waking Life.

5.Waking Life


Hands down, Waking Life is one of my favorite movies and influenced me in so many ways beyond my creativity. If you asked me, what’s a movie I’d recommend watching it’s always Waking Life. Granted, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and I get it. A lot of my art at the beginning of 2005-06 was vector based if I wasn’t animating things in Flash at the time and is still something I find myself going back to.

You might recognize the style from Scanner Darkly.

Next up is…

6. Wayne’s World


Wayne’s World was my life. I still remember the first time I spotted the skits on Saturday Night Live, and getting to see it turned into a movie. It exposed me to so many comedians and opened a world for my creatively.

Another movie that influenced me is Run Lola Run.

7. Run Lola run


I went through a phase of heavy foreign films and one that captured my soul and creative mind growing up was Run Lola Run.  If you can’t tell from most these films it’s the idea of blending of the imagined and the real, which you can see throughout my creative work.

Next up is…

8. Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind


Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind is one of those movies that really exploded my creative mind again, Michel Gondry if you can’t tell I’m a huge fan of his work.

Next up is cheesy timeless classic, Son In Law. While I won’t speak of Pauly Shore himself, I still hold this movie in high regard.

9. Son in Law


Son In Law is one of those childhood movies along with Ernest movies growing up as a kid that shaped my humor and influenced my creativity in the way I thought.

Then there’s Poultrygeist: Night of the Living Chicken

10. Poultrygeist: Night of the Living Chicken

Poultrygeist and the whole Troma Films franchise is another movie that influenced me creatively.

I actually got to meet Lloyd Kaufman at Super Con a few years back while helping my friend Jordan with his booth. I am so thankful that my friend Justin came with me and pushed me to take this picture.

While Justin got this autograph, it gave me the opportunity to actually chat with Lloyd. We chatted about creativity and the idea of it doesn’t have to be perfect and how it’s just about getting the idea out there along with other things. I wasn’t expecting to meet him so I mentioned that I drew the Toxic Avenger and he told me to tweet it to him, which he said was FanToxic.

This goes down as probably one of my favorite conversations I’ve had with another creative and reaffirmed to me things I wasn’t sure of and pushed me to continue onward in my creative pursuits.

In the future, I’d love to interview creatives for a podcast I’m planning but that’s a post of a different day.

Let me know in the comments what are some movies that have influenced creatively or as a whole? I’d really love to know.

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