Hey Guys, Hey Internet!In case you don’t follow me on Instagram you may not know I’m a huge lover of crochet and creating characters and Amigurumis. It’s one of several hobbies I enjoy delving into it usually hits me around winter when I’ve finally got vacation time off work which means binge-watching all the TV shows while crocheting. Plus there’s so many sales around this time when it comes to yarn.

Before that happened though, a friend shared this FREE Freddie Mercury pattern with me and I couldn’t resist waiting to create it.

Plus it also gave me the opportunity to see how others create their patterns so I can start taking my pattern notebook where I jot down notes on how I create things and translating them into tangible things for others to create.

In case you’re curious about the pattern, it is by Moji Moji Design.

Free Freddie Mercury Amigurumi Pattern – A Review

The pattern itself is easy to follow if you’re familiar with reading patterns. If not, a few good searches and videos via youtube should help you.

I really enjoyed how the body is crocheted as a whole instead of in pieces and has redefined creating Amigurumi’s in pieces like I currently do.

My only suggestion is if you’d like the Freddie’s Jacket to come on and off I suggest adding a crochet stitch or two as I didn’t feel comfortable yanking his arm with my hook to get the jacket over his hands.

Plus all that detail and the jacket doesn’t come off…not a fan hence I made mine slightly bigger than written on the pattern because I wanted the jacket to come off. Use your judgement, when adding a crochet stitch but I believe I added two.

All in all, I thought this was an easy and great pattern. While, I may have missed a row of stitches in my excitement of creating my own Freddie Mercury on one of his shoes. I love the quirkiness of it all and really love how he came out.
Crocheting Freddie Mercury
If you’d like to create one of your own definitely check out her website. 

Hope you guys are awesome and let me know what’s something you’ve created recently.

Stay Awesome,

PS. Yes, I know I have to add his chest hair and rings to the jacket. I just haven’t gotten around to it. Plus I think he looks cool the way he is. But hopefully we’ll get around to it.

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