Favorite Songs Lately, what is it? If I had to articulate it, its a song or list of songs that rip the words right out of your mouth. They make you feel alive, they push you forward when nothing else does. I wanted to dedicate a section of my blog to these songs that power me through the dead of night, that make me feel alive as I sit behind a computer screen typing up code with no end in sight. But mostly, I thought others might find these songs of interest or useful in your quest of working forever alone, dealing with life and plowing through your workload.
Last time we shared Bike for Three’s Wolf Sister! This week on my way to work, I heard a tune that captured me from the second I heard the words, “…Feels good to be running from the devil, another breathe, and I’m up another level…” 
Check out Sir Sly with his song High, which was just released on March 24th, 2017, down below!
“….It feels good to be running from the devil. Another breath and I’m up another level…It feels good to be up above the clouds, it feels good for the first time in a long time now…”
High by Sir Sly

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