So in case you don’t follow me on social media, or even remotely know I have a YouTube channel for the last ten years I’ve been creating content relating to art, music and the power of imagination! <3

This past week we shared some of the Inktober drawings from last year we’ve been procrastinating finishing and slowly making progress on. Last week we shared our Tucker and Dale vs Evil movie poster we drew. The week before that we drew The Greasy Strangler. Both movies can be seen as horror comedies, if you’re down to laugh while blood and guts go everywhere definitely check these movies out, or if you’re not into scary stuff watch the drawings come to life on my YouTube channel down below!

In the land of Music, we decided to talk about how we finally own an Andres Serrano piece after so many years and all it took was buying a CD! What CD you might ask? Metallica LOAD, which if you know what the cover is made from, will give you an extra giggle. That was our Record Store Find for the year, granted its not Vinyl, but its still music. 

Beyond music, we also delved into Heman and Zombie and just when you think Heman can’t possibly say anything worse. He does in this episode of American Slang with Zombie!
Look forward to sharing more creativity this upcoming month! <3 

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