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Tonight I was going to talk about the small sounds you love in music, but decided after realizing the night was almost up and I hadn’t yet quite complied a video from all my sound clips that I need to scrap this idea for another day.
Instead I wanted to talk about — What drives you to like the music you do? Is it the beat, is it the lyrics or is it just the artist’s name? I would really love to know.
I was recently scrolling through Spotify looking at my new release radar when a certain band name caught my eye and it didn’t matter what it was or what it sounded like I love the artist and felt like I’d love the song. Granted, sometimes that’s hit and miss but it got me thinking what drives you to select the music you choose to listen to?
Is it the beat, is it a certain sound you enjoy or is it what’s being said? Like I said, in tonight’s episode of let’s talk music aka Vinyl and Music News it’s usually the beats and lyrics for me. And when I’m under the influence of knowing what’s new and out there with a list, I’m guilty of just choosing the artist.

Let me know in the comments below what drives you when it comes to music I would love to know.
Stay Awesome,
PS. In case you missed it we talked about our love for carbon ink and minimizing how many pens we own yesterday.  Feel free to join us Saturday at 11pm EST for a live stream. Don’t forget the poll goes live Thursday at 7 am EST on IG Stories so you can choose what we draw next!
& in case you missed it, last week we drew H. P. Lovecraft!

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