Tonight I wanted to talk about Songs That Make You Think Thanksgiving! Everyone talks about Christmas music, there’s also Halloween music, but what are some songs that make you think of thanksgiving? Other than those you hear children singing what are some songs you know that relate to the holiday or make you think of […]

Today we shared a challenge we participated in earlier on in the month called The Invader Wyatt challenge where we were challenged to draw the characters from invader Zim. watch us draw during Invader Wyatt Challenge Here’s the list below and definitely tag it #invaderwyatt I’m prettty sure wyatt would get a kick out of […]

Tonight I wanted to honor Stan Lee, a creator among creators! And wanted to ask what your favorite memory / cameo of Stan Lee? My favorite cameo of Stan Lee was of him being in Mallrats and helping Brody find his way when it came to his girlfriend. And Stan Lee talking about what each […]

Decided to do an Inktober sketchbook tour of my Inktober Drawings this year! I also decided that we will be turning this year’s inktober drawings into a zine. Check it out as we talk about some tips we’ve picked up along the way and some successes that may help others. Inktober Sketchbook Tour – Just […]

Hey guys! Hey Internet! Tonight we drew Rayne from BloodRayne as our final Inktober drawing! She took 44 minutes to draw, ink and create! Watch us Draw Rayne from BloodRayne! I really love how she came out. One thing I learned this Inktober is I kind of love drawing make up even though I cannot […]

We drew Jill Valentine from Resident Evil as part of our badass ladies of horror. She took 39 minutes to ink, draw and create! So stoked for this new light we got today and how much more awesome our drawings now look! WOO! Watch Jill Valentine timelapse! Never seen or Played Resident Evil? Check […]