It’s been a while since we’ve done an art show, I’ve had a lot of shit storms come my way, and thought to myself I need something fun to do and luckily two art shows fell into my lap this past month, the first one taking place on April 26th. One of my favorite things […]

Did you know dollar tree sells canvases? I find it so cool…that in 2019 there are so many cheap art supplies out there…and some of them are pretty dang cool…but I find it funny that nobody talks bout that… and I thought lets share and ask what are some of your favorite cheap art supplies? […]

I’ve been obsessed as of lately with books about musicians and artists and hearing their struggles. Recently, I came across a book that’s pretty much blown my mind, reaffirmed things I suspected and learned so many things about musicians that I had to share it with you guys. Listen to us talk more about it […]

This blog post is sharing with you one of several ways in which you can create and build containers for art supplies using items from Dollartree. I love making things out of nothing and sometimes I think people don’t realize some of the cool things they can make to contain their art supplies when they […]

One of my favorite songs as of lately, that I have been blasting in my car for the past month has been Dale Gas by Snow Tha Product ft. Alemán! I really appreciate finding her, but then also finding other latino rappers alongside her such as Alemán. There’s a world of latinos out there such as Residente, […]