R.L. Stine is back to his glory of the 90s! And we’re here with a review of R.L. Stine’s latest masterpiece You May Now Kill the Bride – Return to Fear Street – Book Review! Recently, I’ve fallen in love with wanting to watch more than horror and as a result I’ve dived back into the […]

This week, we were inspired to draw killer donuts or rather A DONUT! HAHAHA! I felt REALLY inspired to delve into the weird (its been a long time coming) after watching Attack of the Killer Donuts I felt inspired to draw killer donuts. If you haven’t seen it yet, definitely check it out! While most […]

Create your own album cover with the Lauryn Hill album cover experience! This website was created in celeration of the 20th anniversary of The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, where you can take a photograph or use one you have saved and create your own version of the Miseducation featuring you! I got a real kick […]

We found some really Cool Cheap Creative Halloween Decorations in this Dollartree Haul for the halloween season. Except mini rant… Its seems like every year, Halloween gets better in terms of cool products. But gets shorter in terms of its shelf life with items in the stores just as soon as they lay them out […]

  Here’s the list of potential awesome ladies of horror we’ll be drawing in the month of October for Inktober but feel free to make suggestions! Elvira Wednesday Adams Lydia (Beetlejuice) Baby (Devil’s Rejects) Sarah (Craft Witches) Bonnie (Craft Witches) Nancy (Craft Witches) Rochelle (Craft Witches) Winifred Sanderson (Sanderson Sisters) Sarah Sanderson (Sanderson Sisters) Mary […]

We all have musical groups for one reason or another we outgrow.My guilty pleasures are chumbawamba and third eye blind. And recently third eye blind put out an album and I got stoked.except…it wasn’t what I expected. and it got me thinking what are some bands that make you cringe or nostalgic for the good […]