This blog post is sharing with you one of several ways in which you can create and build containers for art supplies using items from Dollartree. I love making things out of nothing and sometimes I think people don’t realize some of the cool things they can make to contain their art supplies when they […]

One of my favorite songs as of lately, that I have been blasting in my car for the past month has been Dale Gas by Snow Tha Product ft. Alemán! I really appreciate finding her, but then also finding other latino rappers alongside her such as Alemán. There’s a world of latinos out there such as Residente, […]

Lets talk 3 creepy Netflix shows! First things first, I love horror. If you couldn’t already tell with my Inktober drawings or how many horror movies posters we’ve drawn. Recently, I’ve discovered 3 creepy Netflix shows that have filled a void that movies haven’t been cutting lately. Some are foreign, but feature some really creepy […]

Lets talk Dirty songs you didn’t know were dirty! A while back we did a video called the original dirty old man singing about panties, and we thought we’d dive back into dirty songs. Only this time, I wanted to talk about those songs you like that you genuinely didn’t know were dirty… Whether growing […]

We drew Mead as Rosie the Robot from American Horror Story Apocalypse! Its the beginning of the year and we thought we’d start it off by drawing American Horror Story Apocalypse! I recently started re-watching the series from the beginning and its amazing all the things you don’t notice when you’re watching a show the […]

So I may be a little bitter that Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson did not make their way down to Florida AT ALL! The closest we got is Atlanta, Georgia which sounded rather tempting! I mean COME ON! It’s ROB ZOMBIE! But I thought lets talk about my top 7 Rob Zombie songs I love! First […]

Florida sunrises are probably one of my favorite things about Florida. While most states have snow, Florida where we call home always captures my heart with the beautiful sunrises that take place and how no sunrise or sunset is ever the same. These cotton candy skies have a way of capturing my heart. It’s been […]

Lets talk Music that Makes you run faster! When Casey Neistat suggested an album learning towards the fact music that makes you run faster. I was intrigued. And I guess you could say I decided to take this idea of music making you run faster and put it to the test. Over the course of […]

Today, I thought we’d talk about my top 10 art supplies in 2018. Some are actual art supplies while some are tools used to create! I feel excited going into the new year being able to create things I’ve wanted to bring back to this channel. TOP 10 Art Supplies of 2018 – Lets Talk […]

So you’ve probably been wondering about the weird cartoons lately? Well, I’ve always talked about sharing our creations. I have a tendency to create them for others and thought f*ck it lets do this. And I’m kind of glad to unleash all the creations in the forms I intended. What’s funny is this channel has […]